I decided to go for a simple look. I wore a black top with a black skirt [H&M]. On top of that I wore long knitted bordeaux cardigan [Bershka] to keep me warm. The color bordeaux is big this season and I have had my eyes on that cardigan for such a long time. I could not be happier when I finally bought it.

To make the outfit a little bit more interesting I combined it with some dotted tights [Pieces]. I feel like the tights really do add something too the outfit. To finish it off I paired it with my cowboy boots [Dolcis] that I have had for forever but still love, because they are super comfy.

For anyone who is wondering where I got my bed, my bed is from Ikea. I bought it this summer and I absolutely love it. But even though my bed is really comfortable, I am not a good sleeper. I always stay up until very late. Being awake until 3 am is seriously no exception. I am really a night owl. My high level of energy, random thoughts, conversations with friends, blogger and tumblr are the main things that keep me away from my bed. But I made a promise to myself that I am going to do something about my bad sleeping pattern as soon as I am finished with my exams! Are you a night owl or an early birdie?

At the moment I am also very busy with writing a paper and studying for my exams. I am pretty stressed out right now because my paper takes more time than I originally planned. I know that being stressed does not get you anywhere, but that is just the way I am.


  1. Mooie foto's! Schattige panty, succes met je examen! XO


  2. Mooie foto's heb je gemaakt! Ik zat zo te kijken en dacht je komt me zo bekend voor! Ik ben een lange tijd gestopt met bloggen maar volgde je voorheen met mijn oude blog, volgens mij had jouw blog toen ook nog een andere naam. Leuk om je nu weer tegen te komen haha

    1. Haha jaa dat klopt inderdaad! Het was eerst sweetlisette :) Leuk je terug te zien!

  3. Super cute look. Good like with your studies! xA

  4. Hele mooie foto's <3

  5. Hello my dear :*
    thanks for nice comment :)
    You look fantastic :)

    Kiss Tina :*

  6. heel veel succes met je paper en examens!

  7. Leuke foto's en heel veel succes :D

  8. Anonymous27/10/12

    Love the bed!! And ur so cute

  9. Thank you very much!

  10. Anonymous4/11/12

    Coool pictures, nice sweater..really like the colour!:))
    Wanna follow each other? FLYINGSNAP.COM

  11. Aaah dankjewel voor het compliment van mijn blog ( ik reageer een beetje laat )
    Echt leuk dat je weer terug bent!


  12. You've got a nice cardigan :)

  13. So pretty! Love your bedroom as well!

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