Today I received a little package from loveshoppingholics with two pairs of colored contacts in it.
I got the Geo Color Nine Moon Gray AN-A45 and the Geo Color Nine Deep Blue AN-A42. Today I am going to review these contacts for you, because I think that might be helpful. 

They came in a paperback that was completely covered with bubbly wrap from the inside. They seriously used the best and safest packing I have ever seen! When I opened the paperback I saw this super cute little bag that kept all of the little presents in it and a little thank you card. 

They really put a lot of effort in their presentation. If you love adorable things as much as I do, you will like this so much! I mean look at those cute little boxes with the bows on top. I also really liked the lens cases that came with the contacts. Admit it, they are just too adorable!

I am not used to wear contacts so it took me really long to put them in. At first I was afraid that they would hurt but it turned out that they were really comfortable. They don't hurt my eyes at all, you actually don't even feel them! But then there was a new problem.. getting them out. It literally took me hours! If you wear contacts every day you probably will not have any problem with this.

Geo Color Nine Moon Gray AN-A45

I really like how these contacts look the black round really gives an enlarging effect on your eyes. I think these contacts will look better if you have blue eyes, but I still love how they look with my eye color. They give so much depth.

Geo Color Nine Deep Blue AN-A42
The color of the lenses is gorgeous! They look pretty natural as well. This is because the contacts have transparent parts, so the original color of your eyes blend  really nicely with the color the lenses. Since I have pretty dark green and brown eyes the lenses turned out darker too. They really intensify your eyes. The dark circle around the lenses helps with that too.

Have you ever worn colored contacts before, what was your experience with that? 

If you like these lenses, you should definitively check them out at loveshoppingholics.com
You also can use the discount code: 1000161850

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  1. Wat een leuke doosjes voor contactlenzen.
    Liefs, xxx

  2. Wat een leuke doosjes voor de lenzen! En wat een mooie kleuren :-)

    xoxo The Daily Fashion Drug

  3. Very cute post!love this!
    that's amazing!Love your sense of style!!

  4. Anonymous29/11/12

    You have beautyful eyes!

  5. wat leuk zeg! Lijkt me best grappig om eens een andere oogkleur te hebben :)
    Haha ik snap wat je bedoelt met dat het heel lang duurt om ze in en uit te doen, had ik ook last van toen ik het eerst mn lenzen in deed.

  6. Wow such an amazing effect, love them!
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  7. They look really nice !

    XX Luba

    :: Well Living Blog :: shaggy jacket & flared jeans in my look today



  9. I love their website, thank you for this review, it was very helpful!

  10. Thanks for sharing. I would like to learn more about getting colored contacts in Edmonton. These are perfect! I have been looking everywhere for some fun one for Halloween.

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