I know it is late, but I still wanted to write a little post. :) Today was busy day for me. I spent the whole day at university to follow some classes and work on a project with Tim and Musti, two guys from my study. I can tell we work the best when we are under time pressure! We actually handed our project in 5 minutes before the deadline.

It was already getting dark when we ran out of the doors of university. It was cold an rainy and none of the trains I wanted to take were on time. At eight I finally got home. I made myself a cup of hot chocolate warm up a little bit. It is also one of my favorite drinks during the winter time.

This evening I decided to do nothing but writing songs and playing music. I find music always so relaxing, it really means a lot to me. I think I got my love for music from my father, he used to make a lot of music as well. One of the things that I think are important when making music is that it doesn't have to be perfect. You don't need a perfect technique or play every note you see on your sheet.  I have never taken any piano, guitar or clarinet lessons. I am able to read notes, but I love to play by ear. I think that is so much more personal and it makes you able to really feel the music and enjoy it.
I am actually thinking about making a blog or something to post up the lyrics I wrote. I always seem to loose them and this could be a good way to stay organized.
What do you think of this idea and do you like to make music or write songs yourself?


  1. how awesome that you play music... it's always wonderful to come across other bloggers that do :) x

  2. So jealous of people are music talented ! Must be amazing !
    Have a lovely weekend Lisette !

    XX Luba

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  3. Anonymous15/12/12

    Such a cute pic. I love music too. It would be great if you would share you lyrics, i am a songwriter too!

    X Lorena

  4. That's actually a really cool idea! You could have an anthology of your own songs online. :)

  5. Leuk dat je op mijn blog terecht kwam! Ik heb je blog bekeken en het lijkt me leuk elkaar te volgen :) Ik volg je via Bloglovin en GFC.

  6. Music is my second passion after fashion! You should def write your lyrics on your blog!! xx

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  7. Leuke blog heb je! Lijkt het je leuk elkaar te volgen? Let me know.


    Chicks About Fashion

  8. wat knap dat je dat jezelf hebt aangeleerd! Ik zit nu 8 jaar op muziekles (ik speel contrabas) en had dat echt nooit zelf gekund!

  9. Lauren26/12/12

    Muziek maken is echt geweldig :) Ik schrijf ook graag liedjes!

    X Lauren

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  12. Anonymous20/1/13

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