Today I have a few things to share with you. An outfit, bunnynails tutorial and some personal work. 

Project Personal Pie
After four weeks of hard work the website www.personalpie.nl is finally finished. I worked on this project with Abel, Mike and Nathalie. Everyone was so excited and worked really hard to make this site as great as possible. The only thing is that it is in dutch, so it will be kind of hard to understand if you don't speak dutch. But basically personalpie.nl is a website where you easily can create your personal pie. You can combine you favorite flavors, choose the right topside for your pie. This project is for my university so unfortunately, you can not actually order the pie :(. But I think the concept is great! Create your account and get started, and of course,  let me know what you think of it!

The Outfit
Lets move on to the actual outfit. I am wearing this really cute top from H&M. It is a little bit shorter and has got this really pretty mint-blue color and has some glitters in it as well. I really like the neckline of this shirt, you can wear it of the shoulder like I did, or not. I just combined this top with my favorite pair of black skinny jeans from ONLY and my black and grey VANS.
For accessories my bracelets are from Las Lunas, my ring is from SIX and my watch is from Steel by Quartz.

Bunny Nails
Did you notice my nails? They are all pink but there is a little white bunny on my ring finger  Thought that was a cute detail. It is actually really easy to do. I will just explain how you do this in a few steps.
01. Start of with clean nails.
02. Paint all of your nails pink.
03. Take a white nail polish and use the brush that comes with the polish to create a circle. This will be the face of the rabbit.
04. Use the same polish to draw two stripes upwards. These will be the ears.
05. Take the same pink polish to draw a tiny little dot. This is the nose.
06. Use that pink polish to draw two thin lines in its ears.
07. Give your rabbit two eyes by placing two dots on its face.
And we are done. So simple is it!

I really hope you liked this post even though it has got such deserve subjects!


  1. you look so cute. i wish i could do my nails like you did but i'm just horrible at doing my nails.
    just came across your blog, so lovely.

  2. Anouk3/2/13

    Love your top! And those pics look great!

    xx Anouk

  3. sure i'm interested in following you.
    i follow you on bloglovin now.

  4. you look soo pretty and beautiful! Love your outfit , the jumper is soo pretty!

  5. Your website looks great!@

    kisses aria

  6. Ah! Je nagels zijn zo cute ;D

  7. Nice pictures lovely , you look beautiful and happy !

    XX Luba

    Well Living BLog :: mixing : leopard print pants & striped jersey

  8. Great look!! love ur top and ur nails are cute

  9. really nice. i like your look and of course your smile- so pretty.
    maren antia

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  10. Love your bunny nils! And you are so cute!!


  11. Anonymous5/2/13

    I love the way you style girl!

  12. Leuke outfit,en je hebt een leuk blog!

  13. Dankjewel voor je lieve comment op m'n blog! Hele toffe nagels, cute. Liefs!

  14. Your bunny nails are so cute and precious!!

    You have such a beautiful mega-watt smile. It's contaegous!

  15. Nora6/2/13

    So pretty!

  16. Such a nice post! Love your blog.
    Maybe you want to follow each othet? I would love it! Let me know!

  17. Thanks for stopping by! i;m new follower!

  18. I'm so silly I thought you made teeth on your nails ( my dad is a dentist ) Your pie project sounds like fun. I would love it if you came by to my blog and if you liked it, we could follow each other?

  19. HI sweetie! You followed the wrong blog! My fashion blog is www.junewantsitall.com! Please could you follow it instead? I'm following you now! Keep in touch
    June xx

  20. Of course I want to follow each other.
    I started to follow you with Google Friend Connect!

    You are soooo cute and you have such a beautiful smile.
    Lovely pictures, lovely blog!


    xoxo, M.Z.

  21. The bunny nails are super cute!

  22. wat een leuke nagels!

  23. OMG your nails are very cutes i love it !! follow me please.kiss

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