My boyfriend Duco and I went to Paris! Even though it was just for a day, I have to say I loved it! It was kind of a spontaneous action. I had the chance to buy two tickets from a girl who suddenly was not able to make the trip. To me Paris is always a good idea, so three days later Duco and I were in Paris, the city of love...

In the morning we arrived in Paris, we did some sightseeing. It was absolutely beautiful! I just love how elegant most buildings look. I can imagine myself living there, sitting on a balcony with the one I love. Drinking a delicious wine and fill my mouth with the taste of baguette, haha!

Near the eiffel tower we ate a craps with chocolate in front of a old school carousel. I actually really wanted to sit on one of the horses in the carousel, but Duco didn't let me.
We also did some shopping in Paris. I got a painting of Moulin Rouge, a pretty blouse and a pencil case. I also bought some other cute things.

In the evening we ate pizza in a local restaurant, not very french, but it was good. After dinner we went on a tour boat on the Seine. It was lovely!
I really want to go back there to do all the things that I could't do in a single day, because I love Paris!


  1. Aah een collega van me gaat ook volgende week, het staat zeker op mijn to go lijstje!

  2. Ahhh jaloers zeg! I love Paris.

  3. Wat leuk zeg!! Ik vind Parijs echt zo'n leuke en mooie stad :D

  4. Beautiful pictures, I love Paris!

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  6. why so little photos? ;) I loved Paris! My favourite place to visit!

  7. Wat een leuke foto's!
    Ik vind Parijs echt super :D

  8. Wauw wat geweldig! Ik wil daar ooit ook nog naar toe met mijn vriend.

  9. You too are lovely & Darling I am soooo glad ur back. I missed your blogposts!!!

    Big hug and kiss,


  10. Parijs is zo fijn! Mooie foto's heb je gemaakt (:
    Het is ook aan te raden om 's avonds een keer een bustour te doen en dan te stoppen bij de Eiffeltoren, zo mooi met allemaal lichtjes enzo!

  11. Wat een hele leuke foto's :D

  12. Anna K.1/4/14

    Love that u are back!

  13. Wat een super lieve foto's ! Parijs is echt geweldig he <3

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