I'm back! I was in the beautiful Switzerland for a week. Sometimes you need a little of bit time away from it all, but that didn't stop me taking a million pictures. I hope that my stories in combination with my selection of pictures will make you feel like you were there with me!

Let's Fly Away
Early in the morning me and my boyfriend Duco arrived at Schiphol airport. It was the first time I went on a plane, so I was really excited about it! When we were up in the air I had the most beautiful view. There only were a few clouds and I was able to see everything. One hour and 10 minutes later we landed in Geneva.

Crans près Céligny
We stayed at Crans près Céligny a place near Geneva. Duco's cousin Pieter was kind enough to let us stay at his home during our time in Zwitserland. His modern home has a huge terrace with a beautiful view. From here you could see the mountains!

Pieter's home is also near Lake Geneva, one of the largest lakes in Europe! Almost every evening me and my boyfriend walked down the hill to sit on the rocks with our feet in the water. On our last day we even went swimming there!

Road trip
We went on a little road trip trough some cute little places. I love the way these villages look. There are flowers everywhere and the houses look adorable. Almost all of them have shutters on the sides of windows painted in fun colors!


We continued our way into the mountains and had lunch at Rando Burger. We both ate a huge hamburger made of local products and of course I finished it first, it was delicious! When we reached the 'top' of the mountain we had an incredible view. I mean look at this picture above, breath taking right!

West France
We also visited some places in West France, because it is really close. One of those places is Annecy. We walked on the pier and crossed Lake Annecy by walking over the Pont des Amours. We walked around in this touristic city for a couple of hours and ate a lot of ice cream.
An other place we visited in France is Divonne. Every Sunday there is a market in Divonne, which of course, we visited. I actually ended up at a cooking shop where I got two super cute mugs!

Our day in Geneva was so much fun! We went there really early in the morning to start our day with a cup of coffee and a croissant at Starbucks. When we finished our coffee we went to the old city part of Geneva, here we found the St. Pierre Cathedral. The inside looks amazing, I have never seen a church with so much color!

We also had fun at the park when we found a few huge chess boards. On the picture you can see who is the king.. unfortunately I lost, but we still had a great time!

From Above
Along the lake there was a fairground and I really wanted to make a ride in the air carrousel. Duco was a little bit scared at first, but when you see the city from above you have no time to be scared anymore. It is so beautiful!

On Water
There where several boats floating on the water in all kind of fun colors. I saw some sailing boats, pedal boats, motor boats.. when you see this, you just want to be on the water as well. The picture above already shows that we rented a yellow motor boat to cruise around the Lake of Geneva and I have to say we loved it!

You can probably tell we had a great time in Geneva! I am pretty sure some day we will go to Geneva again!

Have you ever been in Geneva?


  1. Anonymous17/8/14

    Leuk, ook leuke foto's. Het ziet er echt tof uit!

  2. Wat een prachtige foto's! En ik vind je outfits steeds ook erg leuk.

  3. Ziet er heel leuk uit :) liefs irene


  4. Prachtige foto's! Ik ben nog nooit in Geneve geweest maar wil er graag een keer heen! x

  5. Yay, wat leuk dat je het hier zo leuk vond! Ik woon zelf in Zwitserland, dus ik ben een beetje bevooroordeeld ;-)

  6. Wauw wat mooi daar! Prachtige foto's heb je gemaakt!

  7. Wat een super leuke foto's! Het geluk straalt er gewoon af <3

  8. Wauw wat heb jij mooie dingen gezien in je vakantie! Geneve heeft mij echt verrast <3 Fijn dat het ook maar een stukje vliegen is, dat maakt het nog eens leuk om Geneve te bezoeken voor een citytrip!

  9. Wat een geweldige foto's! <3

  10. Aah, het ziet er allemaal zo geweldig, zonnig, leuk en awesome uit!

  11. Ziet er leuk uit! Zo te zien hebben jullie het fijn gehad samen!

  12. You two form a beautiful couple, I love reading your stories and the pictures look amazing! I wish I could go to geneva someday, then I will rent a little boat just like you did!


  13. Anonymous17/8/14

    Really nice pics ^^ XoxPK



  14. Het ziet er echt allemaal heerlijk uit!


  15. Very nice pics.

  16. Wat een leuke foto's zeg en wat leuk om te zien dat jij ook net zolang bent als je vriend! ben ik niet de enige haha.. met mijn 1.76! liefs x

  17. Prachtige foto's! Zo te zien hebben jullie het erg naar jullie zin gehad! :)

  18. Lovely random pics!



  19. Het ziet er echt geweldig uit! Ik ben er zelf nog nooit geweest, mijn moeder is er vroeger wel een aantal maanden au-pair geweest dus wie weet ga ik ooit nog samen met haar terug :)

  20. Wauw, ziet er geweldig uit!


  21. I have never been there but it looks so beautiful! Definitely on my list!
    beautiful pictures of you both!
    x Sandra

  22. Amazing place !!!! Such beautiful pictures xxx
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  23. I've never been to Geneva, but I really enjoyed your pictures! You guys are such a beautiful couple!


  24. Wauw, dat ziet er prachtig uit! Wat een heerlijke reis moet jij achter de rug hebben. Zo leuk die foto's met je vriendje ook! :) Liefs, Rowan

  25. Leuke foto's en outfits! Ik ben nog nooit in Genève geweest maar ziet er mooi uit

  26. I would absolutely LOVE to go to Geneva one day, it looks so stunning! And you and your boyfriend look like a real life Ken and Barbie, beautiful people!

    xx Hélène


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